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  • The corn crop along the Texas Coast is taking a beating from the hogs!  With the generous rains and warm temperatures the corn is growing great.  However, the strong crop also attracts the hogs looking for an easy meal.  I have noticed more downed corn plants and eaten ears over the last few days.  Now is the time to protect...

  • The dove fields are planted and growing. The spring rains helped all our plots grow quickly. The first pass on duck ponds have been made to prepare a good seed bed. Milo,millett and of course, rice will feed our ducks through the winter. Call today to schedule your fall hunts!

  • It is time to book your fall and winter waterfowl hunts.  We are now taking reservations for the 2012-2013 season.  Early bookings receive $25.00 off each hunter with a party of four.  Book Now!

  • April 1st marks the beginning of spring hog hunting.  The fields are freshly planted and the hogs are wanting to root and destroy the new crops.  Take a weekend and enjoy some time in the stand and some fresh pork in the freezer.   A typical hog hunt will begin at 4:00 pm and hunt through midnight.  Lodging and meals...

  • We are now taking reservations for the fall and winter 2012 hunting season.  Alligator, dove, teal, duck, goose, and crane seasons are just around the corner.  Don't delay, gather your friends and get a hunt on the books for this fall today!

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