30 Days Out…

Howdy Hunters,

Finally, we are over the hump and on the downhill side of summer.  The weather has begun to cool off in Oklahoma, back into the 90’s, and we have received some nice rains.  We are kicking our preparations into high gear for the rest of the month. 

Oklahoma dove hunting kicks off on September 1st, and we will be ready! In the field, we are busy with milo and corn harvest starting on August 12th.  Mowing will be a large part of the coming weeks.  We have sunflowers, millet, and milo food plots for our dove hunting.  Currently there are forty acres of wheat behind the lodge which is still standing for the doves.  The forty acres will be planted back to triticale for winter for the geese and cranes.

For teal season the marsh below the lodge is holding water.  Over the summer, we planted rice and Japanese Millet in the marsh for the ducks.  There are two duck blinds to brush and build new seating on along with mowing maintenance on the levees. 

As always there are loads of chores on the deer and hog side to prepare.  First, all the feeders are filled.  The goal this summer was to keep feeders full for the doe and buck populations.  Also, we took time to build fences around feeders to keep hogs away and allow deer a better chance at feed.  There is always a need for mowing roads, senderos, fall food plots, and parking areas.  The biggest chore is building and rebuilding ten deer blinds.  Some blinds were destroyed last season and several did not make it through our windy season.  Lately we have been scouting new properties and new hunting locations within our current ranches.  There is a constant need for new feeder locations and more bow hunting setups to be organized.  Our winter deer plots will be a mix of soybeans and winter wheat.  Each food plot will be covered by a shooting blind, and the food plot will be placed next to a water source or bedding area.  Hog hunting has continued through the summer over feeders and at night.  With the crop harvest beginning in August, the month of September and October will be some great hog hunting!  Please remember, we are not allowed to hunt hogs at night during the deer gun season. 

We strive to provide quality hunting at an affordable price for our hunters.  It is our goal to showcase excellent hunting through our year long preparation.  We anticipate a successful fall and winter, and I look forward to seeing and hunting with you in the upcoming months.  Call today for your next adventure with us!