September, we begin our season with explosive dove hunting. With little pressure and plenty to eat Oklahoma dove hunting is sure to please!

In Oklahoma the "crane stops here!" Oklahoma boasts the best Sandhill Crane hunting in the nation. In November the fields are loaded with hungry cranes. As the weather begins to cool the Canada geese and mallards descend upon cornfields.

We hunt a variety of terrain including Oklahoma crop fields, river systems, private lakes, and moist soil impoundments. Our service in Oklahoma is mobile covering several counties depending on migration.

We begin our spring Rio Grande Turkey season the first weekend of April and continue through the first weekend of May. We hunt over decoys in wheat, milo, pastures and alfalfa fields.With western Oklahoma boasting one of the largest populations of Rio Grande Turkeys, this hunt is a perfect finish to the hunting season.

Hogs and Deer

Feral hogs are on the rise in Southwest Oklahoma, and we are here to help!  We use night vision scopes and AR 15s to spot and stalk hogs in the Sooner State 365 days a year.

Whitetail deer hunting in South West Oklahoma is quite the adventure. Join us in November as we take deer along the Red River as well as in surrounding pastures of wheat. The deer gun season is extremely short typically running from the third Saturday of November through the first Sunday of December.

Loveland Lodge

Join us at our Loveland, Oklahoma lodge where we strive to provide Southern Style cooking and the comforts of home! Relax in our 5000 square foot lodge featuring wrap around porches and an outdoor fire pit. We provide WiFi, satellite television, and skeet range, as well as poker and pool tables. Our lodge can sleep 23 guests comfortably. We are located 2 ½ hours northwest of DFW airport in Texas and just under 2 ½ hours southwest of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 


Geese find plenty of food in the Arkansas area and have multiplied in the past few years. Snow geese, blue geese, and Ross geese are dominating the area creating a "must hunt" goose destination. We aim to provide an outstanding shooting experience as well as lasting memories for your party of hunters.

We begin our snow goose conservation season in Arkansas on the last Monday in January. The Spring Conservation Order began to control overpopulated mid-continent snow geese. The conservation season extends our waterfowl hunting season for another two months. We hunt snow geese in the mornings in Arkansas out of layout blinds or a-frame blinds over large decoy spreads using electric callers. As the geese migrate North, we follow. Full day snow goose hunting begins with a departure from Arkansas into Kansas. Full day hunts will occur from layout blinds in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.


In Texas we offer some exciting alligator hunting. Taking place on lakes, bayous, and rivers we provide a gator experience you'll not soon forget. We can help you target a size of gator that works best for your boot, purse, or belt needs. The season is in September, and we hope you'll join us to harvest one of these giant lizards.

We also offer exciting Teal hunting and dove hunting in Texas in the month of September. The Texas coast is known for its amazing flights of Teal at the beginning of the Waterfowl season. These little rockets make for a fast and furious early morning shoot. Dove hunting in Texas is a social event not to be missed. Bring your large group and enjoy the fun!


Don't forget, hog hunting is available all year long in both Oklahoma and Texas.

With so many hunting choices in Oklahoma, Arkansas & Texas, you can hunt all season long with us!

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