Our Story…

Howdy Hunters,

Coastal Wings has been offering lodging, meals and hunting services for twenty years now.  Through the years, we have seen many changes, but one thing remains.  We enjoy what we do and it shows!

The beginning started six years into my career as a guide.  A death in the guiding world left a void in a rich waterfowling area.  With this sad news, our business expanded with the building of a lodge. At the time it was a great area on the Texas Coast full of ducks, Sandhill cranes, specks, and snow geese.  Rice was king of the coast back then with 25,000 acres farmed in our county alone.  Hunting was consistent and fields were plentiful with little or no pressure. Within the first five years, we saw an increase in hunters and new guide services began to emerge.  The weather pattern stayed steady and our rainfall began to decline.  The decrease of rainfall would change the landscape in the area forever.  With less rain, the farmers started planting more drought tolerant crops and the habitat changed from rice to row crops.  The change was not felt immediately, but slowly over the next three years the birds slowed their migration to the coast and shifted.  We had lost our geese!  Although there will always be some geese on the Texas Coast, it is a big difference between 400,000 and 150,000 over the whole prairie.  

In 2015, we made our first trip up to Oklahoma.  It was a scouting run.  We found fields full of geese and ponds with plenty of ducks.  It was decided to make the move full time.  We have not regretted the move one day.  Game is plentiful in Oklahoma.  And now, we have built a brand new lodge overlooking our 90 acre private moist soil impoundment.  Our lodge offers family style meals, big screen TVs, fire pits, skeet shooting, ping pong, one hundred feet of wrap around porches and a complete cleaning facility.  

We are in the glory days of waterfowl, dove and deer hunting.  Currently we have diversified ourselves to offer hunting services for eight months of the year.  Coastal Wings guides dove, hog, deer, ducks, geese, Sandhill cranes, prairie dogs, coyotes, and spring turkey hunts.   Join us for a complete hunting vacation with the comforts of home.  Come hunt with us again or for the first time!