A Day in the Duck Blind

Howdy Hunters,

Summer is almost over, and the kids are back in school!  These two things signal the fact fall is near which means football and duck hunting.  Sadly this year we are not going to have very much football, but we always have duck hunting. 

Our duck hunting is a very easy escape from the day to day!  We hunt playa lakes, cattle ponds, sheet water, and moist soil impoundments.  The diversity of our hunting grounds leads to a wide array of duck species.  A typical duck hunt starts at 5:00 AM.  We will meet at a designated location, and the hunters follow their guide to the hunt area.  Unless of course you lodge with us then we all depart together.  Once arriving, we will begin setting up three to five dozen decoys and the blinds.  We typically try to use layout blinds for our duck hunts, but we can use A-frame blinds upon request or when ground cover allows for hiding a larger blind.  It’s a wonderful morning to watch the sun rise and the birds begin to move.  Typically we’ll see teal, gadwalls, widgeon, and pintails in November.  December and January we usually enjoy mallards, pintail and widgeon.  Our customers are welcome to bring their own dog or utilize ours.  We always welcome children and wives to join in the fun as well!  Our Oklahoma duck hunts typically last for four hours with ample shooting opportunities.  After pictures and pick up, we will say thank you and depart back to the lodge. 

Oklahoma is a duck hunter’s dream state with plentiful birds and very nice weather.  Come hunt ducks in Oklahoma with Coastal Wings this year!