September Hunting

Howdy Hunters,

As the summer winds down and kids return to their classes, we embark on a new hunting season.  September is the kickoff to hunting, and it starts with a bang!

The warm temperatures in September remind us of our social dove hunting days.  Oklahoma dove hunting begins on September 1st and helps unite friends and families for fun in the outdoors.  Doves are tasty and challenging flying birds that help each hunter prepare for the season.  Quick flying, left to right, right to left and overhead shooting opportunities prepare the skilled veteran.  Typical Oklahoma dove hunts are followed by BBQs or parties to celebrate the beginning of a new hunting season.  

The middle of September brings our first waterfowl season.  The first waterfowl species to start their annual migration from Canada to Mexico is the blue wing teal.  Teal are small birds in stature but very fast on the wing.  Teal must be hunted in water and provides good opportunities to utilize your retriever for picking up birds.  Teal will unite duck hunters allowing them to practice calling techniques, decoy placement and preparing their equipment.  

The last of September wraps with Resident Canada Goose season.  This season was started fifteen years ago to battle the overpopulation of Resident Canada Geese.  Many Canada geese have altered their behavior from a once strong migratory bird to a bird of leisure.  These birds would rather live in a park or on a golf course.  They cause damage and become a nuisance.  This season is a chance to get out and enjoy the outdoors and protect private property.  

In conclusion, September is a great time of year to gather up your friends and find a day or two to spend together in the outdoors.