Get Outdoors!

Howdy Hunters,

The summer is waning and the winds have switched out of the north.  Looks like it’s going to be a great fall!  Now is the time to get outside and enjoy the opportunities the outdoors has to offer.  

Fall brings cooler temperatures and the beginning of hunting season.  Archery deer season opened on October 1st and affords each hunter a chance to spend some quiet mornings in the deer blind.  With the leaves changing, the sounds of the woods waking up, and whitetail deer in front of your blind it’s just too good to pass up!  Join us in Oklahoma for a great deer hunting opportunity!

Late October brings morning frost, the smell of winter coming and Sandhill Cranes.  The sounds of migrating Sandhill Cranes will put a smile on every water fowler’s face.  Sandhill Cranes are a unique and challenging hunt offered in the dry fields of south west Oklahoma.  Cranes are wonderful eating birds after harvest. If you like steak you will love this table fare.  Don’t forget to ask us about joining in on a crane hunt while you are here!

When November arrives so do colder temperatures with ducks and geese by the thousands.  As the weather worsens, the waterfowl hunting in Oklahoma heats up.  Cold winds and frozen ground push big migration days of Oklahoma Mallards and lesser Canada geese.  The colder the better we always say!  Don’t forget to pack your layers!

Join us for all of the great hunting opportunities of the fall and early winter in Oklahoma at Coastal Wings Guide Service and Lodge.  We welcome all ages and abilities to enjoy Oklahoma hunting!