Oklahoma Duck Hunting – Mallards

Howdy Hunters,

Oklahoma boasts some of the best Mallard duck hunting in the United States.  We are located in Southwest Oklahoma along the Red River which is a great migration corridor.  Our Mallard ducks come through the Central Flyway starting in Saskatchewan, Canada flying down through Nebraska, Kansas and into Oklahoma.  We also get a secondary migration from eastern Montana and Colorado with birds coming through Amarillo and picking up the Red River and follow that down. 

Oklahoma duck season starts in early November with mixed bag duck hunts.  However, when the wind turns cold and the ground starts to freeze our Mallards appear.  The first weekend of December till the last day of January will be our best time for full straps of greenheads.  We hunt Mallard ducks in small playa lakes, potholes, private marshes and dry fields.  

With a liberal season of seventy four days in the Central Flyway, we can hunt ducks all winter.  Mallard ducks are known for feeding in harvested grain fields.  Oklahoma duck hunting is no different in regards to hunting ducks in harvested peanuts, corn, Milo and wheat fields.  As the ducks feed they will require water which allows us the opportunity to hunt them over water without ruining a field.  Weather will play a huge factor in when, where and how long the ducks feed.  An approaching cold front will cause the ducks to feed all afternoon.  On the other hand, mild weather will cause them to feed late and very light in cut fields. 

If you are looking for the memory of a lifetime, a weekend away, or corporate entertaining of clients then a hunt with us in Oklahoma is what you need.  We take pride in our full service lodge, good home style meals, and entertainment such as a pool table, satellite TV, one hundred and twenty five feet of wrap around porches, and a large fire ring.  We are your best choice for Mallard hunting in Oklahoma!