September is coming like a house fire…

Howdy Hunters,

The family and I were watching fireworks last night in the pool and between blasts; I realized just how close the season is.  We are less than two months from the September season. 

Overall, the off-season has passed by very quickly. We have started building on new guide quarters, planted all of our crops, harvested wheat, finished the moist soil draw down, and finalized some contracts on new property for this season.  

But now, we can concentrate on the hunting.  Our guides are coming down mid-month to help

place deer blinds, fill feeders again, finish final guide’s quarter preparations, and we will start planning for dove, Teal and early Canada goose seasons.  

The season always starts on September first with dove hunting. Oklahoma dove hunting is fantastic!  The combination of ample crop fields, water tanks, plowed ground and pasture land provide endless opportunities for hunters to enjoy the outdoors.  There are three types of dove in Oklahoma — Mourning, Whitewing and Eurasian Dove.  Mourning Dove have the largest population in Oklahoma and are local and migratory.  Whitewing Dove are found in colonies in certain parts of Oklahoma along the Red River, but their numbers are small.  Eurasian Collared Dove are the newest dove to establish a population in Oklahoma.  They live in urban areas, around homesteads, and are seen as an invasive species.  Oklahoma has a fifteen bird limit on Mourning and Whitewing Dove total.

September also brings the first two waterfowl seasons of the year in Teal and resident Canada goose seasons.  Teal season is a sixteen day season opening in the middle of September with a six bird daily limit.  Most Teal harvested in September will be Blue-Wing Teal as they are the first birds to migrate south into Oklahoma.  A fast flying bird provides challenging shooting and delicious table fare.  Resident Canada Goose season opens on September twelfth and runs for nine days.  This season is designed to reduce the number of Canada Geese living full time in our parks, golf courses, and cities.  These geese have become a nuisance in different areas and their populations continue to increase across the nation.  The limit during the nine day season is eight birds per hunter. 

September hunting is a great way to gather with friends, coworkers, family, or clients and knock off the rust from the off season.  It’s also a great time to exercise the dog!