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Kids Hunt Free in 2011!

Any child under the age of 14 will hunt free this whole season for all hunts booked by October 1,2011.  Doves, Ducks, Geese, Cranes — No Charge! (Lodging fees apply)  We are kicking off a new plan to get more kids in the blinds and the fields.  Grab your kids, take a neighbors kid, lets try…

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Dove Season Set….

Finally, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 53 days until the start of Dove Season.  It is time to make your plans, buy your ammo, and tune up your labs.  We are hunting in Waller Texas for the 4th year now.  Central Zone Dove Hunting at its FINEST!  Call today…

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Hog Killing in Jackson County

The 4th of July may have passed without any fanfare, but in Jackson County there were plenty of fireworks. A 4th of July hog hunt yielded great success for Ryan Knott and earned him a new nickname of “Coonass Rambo” as he chased down a wounded hog with his .45 Springfield Pistol. Hog Hunting will…

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