The Dates Are In…

Howdy Hunters,

Summertime is a lonely time for water fowlers.  Memories of the past season are still fresh in our minds, but the start of the season seems so far away.  The good news is at the end of June the new season dates are set and regulations come out for the upcoming year.

We begin our season on September 1st.  Join us as we head into the field in search of the Mourning Dove White Winged Dove and Collared Doves.  Dove season runs through October 31st.

As the first duck season in Oklahoma, Teal, specifically Blue Wing Teal, are a welcome sight in the marsh.  Teal season is September 12th through September 27th.  Oklahoma Teal are an early morning hunt starting forty five minutes before daylight until about eight AM.  The limit is six birds.  It is a great time to get a young dog out or even take your old retriever out and brush them up on retrieving before the regular season opens.

The first large bird of the season is the Sandhill crane.  Oklahoma crane season begins on October 24th and ends on January 24th.   The Sandhill crane also known as the “ribeye of the sky” is a delicious bird with a wing span of nearly six feet weighing between fifteen and eighteen pounds.

For the first time in years the state of Oklahoma has heard the duck hunting enthusiast.  This season the duck hunting season will open on the November 14th and conclude November 29th.  Then we will close until December 5th.  The second portion of the season will close on January 31st.  This date change will allow duck hunters to harvest higher quality birds, and it should have more birds on the Oklahoma Prairie when the season opens.  Oklahoma duck season boasts Teal, Gadwall, Wigeon, Pintail and Mallards. 

The Oklahoma goose season will open on November 7th and will run until November 29th.  The first month of season will mostly be Specklebelly or white front geese.   They enjoy corn and peanuts that we have in our area.  Their light skin allows them to migrate sooner than the Canada goose.

The second season of Oklahoma goose hunting will begin on December 5th and run until early February.   This portion of the season will consist of mostly lesser Canada geese, a few small Snow Geese and a few Specklebellys.   Mostly our hunting for geese in December and January will be over wheat fields.  The limit on dark geese in the state of Oklahoma this year is eight per day.

We look forward to hunting with you this season.  If you have any further questions about the season dates or would like to book a hunt give us a call at 866-486-8897 or send us an email at