I’m Thinking Dove Hunting…

Howdy Hunters,

Oklahoma Dove Hunting will open on September 1st, and it is amazing, to say the least!  We plant sunflowers, Milo, brown top millet, and wheat for the birds.  Our crew spends painstaking hours planning, preparing, planting, fertilizing and even mowing our properties to be Dove ready. In Southwest Oklahoma we shoot White Wing Dove, Collared Dove and Mourning Dove.

Dove hunting in Oklahoma is all about family and friends and welcoming a new hunting season.  It is especially great for corporate events to grow comradery and get out of the office. Dove season allows for high volume shooting, warm weather (sometimes too warm), BBQ, and being out in nature.  Let us help you plan a great day or few days of dove hunting with your group. We can offer lodging at our 5000 square foot lodge in Loveland. We provide meals and a great atmosphere. During the heat of the day feel free to relax on our wrap around porches, catch a nap, play pool, enjoy some ping pong, shoot skeet and enjoy a football game on our big screens.

Do you have a trained retriever? We welcome the use of trained dogs on our Oklahoma Dove hunts. A trained retriever will save many steps throughout the day and our fields provide a good environment to practice their skills prior to the regular waterfowl season. When hunting in the afternoon over water, a retriever is irreplaceable for locating down birds. Please remember your dog must be under control at all times for the betterment of all hunters involved and the hunt at large.

Imagine this: September 1st -95 degrees- 7:00 PM around a stock pond. First a single dove comes in, then a pair, then a 10 pack. Thirty minutes later it is pandemonium!  You just experienced a typical afternoon Oklahoma dove hunt.  Call us today and we will see you in September! Let us provide a great beginning to the hunting season for you and your group.