Howdy Hunters,

Well it’s official the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service just released its report on 2017 Trends in Duck Breeding Populations.  “The surveys indicate that wetland conditions and populations of most frequently harvested ducks remain above the long-term average,” said DU Chief Scientist Tom Moorman. “This is great news for waterfowlers.”  Well we would have to agree this is very good news!  So to go along with this very good news if you book a 3 day duck package in the next 7 days we will give you a 10% discount.  Good feelings all around!  Our usual 3 day Oklahoma duck package is $1125/person and includes 3 nights of lodging, meals and 3 morning duck hunts.  So for the next 7 days (ends 8/22/17) you can get this very package for $1000 even!  Don’t miss out on this sale as well as getting prime dates for the upcoming season.