We offer guided duck hunting trips, goose hunting trips, early teal hunts, sandhill crane hunts, dove hunting, deer hunts, hog hunts, turkey hunts and alligator hunts tailored to suit your hunting needs. We are very flexible and can design a hunting package for your specific party.  All hunts require a 50% non-refundable deposit to book a date for each member of the party prior to September 1st. After September 1st, full payment is required to book a hunting trip.  No shows or dropped hunters within a group forfeit payment. 

Please mail deposits to our mailing address: 1803 Silks Terrace Guthrie, Ok 73044

Sand Hill Crane

  • Easily becoming one of our most popular hunts, the Sandhill Crane is not only exciting to hunt, but is very tasty. Sandhill Cranes are notably referred to as the "ribeye in the sky". Try it today in combination with a 3 day package in Oklahoma that could include duck or goose hunting.

    Oklahoma Morning Guided Hunt - $250 per person; minimum of 4 hunters

    Oklahoma 3 Day Morning Hunt - $1125 per person (lodging & meals); minimum of 4 hunters



  • Our duck hunting in Oklahoma is explosive! Whether you are looking for Mallards in cut corn fields or Pintails in peanuts, we have you covered! We hunt duck rich environments in Oklahoma to fill your duck strap.

    Oklahoma Morning Guided Hunt - $250 per person; minimum of 4 hunters

    Oklahoma 3 Day Package - $1125 per person (lodging and meals); minimum of 4 hunters



  • Oklahoma Teal Hunting is fast paced action. A great way to introduce a child to waterfowl! Bring your kids out this September for a great in your face teal hunt on the Great Plains in Oklahoma. September Teal hunting is an early risers activity. Teal prefer to fly at the first hint of daylight. In preparation for the Oklahoma Teal hunt, we will set two to three dozen decoys and camoflauge ourselves in blinds before the first light of day.

    Oklahoma Morning Guided Hunt - $150 per person; 4 person minimum


  • Our gator hunts take place on the upper Texas Coast. Hunters use a hook and line, a bow and arrow or crossbow. Texas law states initial arrow must be attached with a line to a buoy. A Muzzy bowfishing setup works great. Give us a call on our toll-free line for answers to any questions about alligator hunting in Texas!

    The Texas Alligator hunt usually takes 1-3 days.  Gator packages are $2100/person and include one gator up to 7'11" with 3 nights of lodging and meals. Any gator over 7'11" will incur additional trophy fees:

    $500 for 8'-8'11" 

    $1000 for 9'-9'11" .

    $2000 for 10'-10'11"

    $3000 for 11'-11'11" 

    $4000 for 12' and larger

    These are hunt prices only.  

    The processor will have additional fees for cleaning, etc. 


  • Dove Hunting in Oklahoma is a great way to entertain customers and reward employees. Schedule your corporate outing today! We can also provide BBQ for larger groups as an added extra for the day. Oklahoma Dove Hunting marks the first wing shooting season of the year and is a nice introduction back into hunting. Also, dove hunting is a relaxed social event perfect for including new hunters such as women and children.

    $150 per day of hunting for opening weekend

    $100 per day of hunting for remainder of the season


  • The "ultimate waterfowl experience" is the best summation of Goose Hunting in our opinion. We offer professionally guided hunts in Oklahoma and Arkansas. The latest in decoy technology is utilized to provide an irresistable spread while our blinds provide concealment and comfort for the eager hunter. Our success is not only dependent on the equipment we use but the number of miles and hours devoted to scouting and planning for each adventure. At Coastal Wings, goose hunting in Oklahoma and Arkansas is our obsession therefore nothing will be left undone. Don't forget to join us for the Spring Snow Goose Migration which we will begin in Arkansas and travel to Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska!

    Oklahoma Morning Guided Hunt - $275 per person; 4 person minimum

    Oklahoma 3 Day Morning Goose Pkg - $1200 per person (lodging and meals); 4 person minimum

    Arkansas 3 Day Morning Snow Goose Pkg - $1250 per person with lodging and meals provided; 4 person minimum

    Kansas/Missouri/Nebraska 3 Day All Day Conservation Pkg - $1250 per person with lodging, breakfast and dinner; 4 person minimum




  • Texas and Oklahoma Hog Hunting is a year round free-for-all! Hogs have become an extremely destructive force in Oklahoma and Texas. Therefore, we make it our duty to help reduce the population one hog at a time. We hunt hogs using a stalking method from trucks and UTVs. We utilize night vision hunting equipment. We have made it our goal to protect farms and ranches from these intrusive animals.

    Oklahoma Night Vision Hog Hunt - $275 per person (5 hour hunt)

    Texas Night Vision Hog Hunt - $350 per person

    Cleaning fees - $100 per hog for skinning and quartering

                            $50 per hog for gutting