Deer Hunting Culinary School

Howdy Hunters,

We are teaming up with Hank Shaw for an exciting opportunity beginning on December 3rd.  He will join us to harvest deer for our Hunting Culinary School this winter at our Loveland, OK lodge.  Arrival is 12/3 with departure on 12/6 midday.  The cost per participant is $2250/person which includes 3 nights of lodging, meals, the school, and up to 2 does.  We will offer hands on experience from harvest to the table.  There are a limited number of upgrades in this school.  If you choose, you can shoot a management buck for an additional $2000. The next option is to shoot a trophy buck (150 and above) for an additional $4000.  This will be a small school so each participant will have an opportunity to learn and enjoy.   Shoot us an email or give us a call if you want in!