Hog Hunting Continues……

As the temps continues to climb, so does the hog body count.  After a successful week last week with 4 hogs taken by 5 hunters in two days.  We began this week with high hopes.  The hog hunt last night was a little slow to say the least.  The feeders spun at appointed times(6 and 10pm) and we waited.  Then, the racoons’ started to show up for a free buffet meal.  The coons stayed at the feeders until midnight.  At 3 am, my hunters were tired and texting for a pickup when I saw the first group of pigs come out of the creek bottom. I quickly alerted the hunters to be prepared.  With the bright moon shining across the fields, the hogs had plenty of places to eat and root.  However, at 3:45 am a 130 pound boar hog made the mistake of stopping by the brickhouse feeder and was shot.  It was not a total loss of an evening.  We ended up going 50 percent with one of two hunters leaving with some pork meat. 

More hunts this week and a new moon by the weekend should have the hogs back on the feeders at decent hours.  But What is decent for a pig?

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