Teal Hunting

Special Early Teal Hunts

Our guided teal hunting trip along the Texas Gulf Coast is fast and furious. The majority of the birds taken during this mid-September season are Bluewing Teal with a few scattered Greenwing Teal. The rare Cinnamon Teal is also occasionally found in the lucky hunter's bag.

Teal are hunted in the mornings in flooded rice fields, corn fields, milo fields, and soybean fields. Lightweight camo clothing with mosquito netting is called for during these warm days.


Texas Teal Hunting is fast paced action. A great way to introduce a child to waterfowl! Bring your kids out this September for a great in your face teal hunt on the Texas Coast. September Teal hunting is an early risers activity. Teal prefer to fly at the first hint of daylight. In preparation for the Teal hunt, we will set two to three dozen decoys and camoflauge ourselves in blinds before the first light of day.

Morning Guided Hunt - $200

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