Hog Hunting

Texas Hog Hunting is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Hogs are quickly becoming the largest destructive force in the state of Texas. We hunt hogs 365 days a year from trucks and UTV's using night vision scopes on AR-15s. Hunting season does not have to end in the spring, join us for a summertime adventure killing pigs. 


Texas Hog Hunting is a year round free-for-all! Hogs have become an extremely destructive force in the state. Therefore, we make it our duty to help reduce the population along the Coastal Prairies one hog at a time. We hunt hogs using a stalking method from trucks and UTVs. We utilize night vision hunting equipment. We have made it our goal to protect farms and ranches from these intrusive animals.

Night Vision Hog Hunt - $350 per person

Cleaning fees - $100 per hog for skinning and quartering

                        $50 per hog for gutting


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