Alligator Hunts

Our gator hunts take place on the upper Texas Coast. Hunters use a hook and line, a bow and arrow or crossbow. These alligators are free-ranging, therefore we cannot guarantee a size, although 6' to 9' are typical lengths.  A typical hook and line hunt consists of two steps. The first being setting the bait on your first day of arrival.  The second being harvesting your alligator with your prefered weapon of choice:  rife, pistol or shotgun. This is an exciting hunt and not for the faint of heart! The Texas Alligator Season is from September 10th to the 30th. Non-Residents only need a 5-Day Special Hunting License ($48) or a Texas Resident Hunting License ($60).  

Texas Alligator hunting serves dual purposes in that one receives high quality meat as well as trophy leather products such as boots, wallets or purses.    


Our gator hunts take place on the upper Texas Coast. Hunters use a hook and line, a bow and arrow or crossbow. Texas law states initial arrow must be attached with a line to a buoy. A Muzzy bowfishing setup works great. Give us a call on our toll-free line for answers to any questions about alligator hunting in Texas!

The Texas Alligator hunt usually takes 1-3 days.  Gator packages are $2100/person and include one gator up to 7'11" with 3 nights of lodging and meals. Any gator over 7'11" will incur additional trophy fees:

$500 for 8'-8'11" 

$1000 for 9'-9'11" .

$2000 for 10'-10'11"

$3000 for 11'-11'11" 

$4000 for 12' and larger

These are hunt prices only.  

The processor will have additional fees for cleaning, etc. 

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