Sandhill Crane

Once seen as a shorebird throughout the country, the Sandhill Crane offers fun filled hunting opportunities. The Sandhill Crane averages a wingspan of four feet and can reach weights up to 18 pounds. Despite their size and crane exterior, the Sandhill offer wonderful table fare and several different cooking options. Sandhill Crane's are open for hunting in Oklahoma from November through January and Texas from December through the end of January. The daily bag limit on Sandhills consist of three birds per person per day in Oklahoma and two birds per person per day in Texas. Lead shot is allowed for hunting of Sandhill Cranes; however, no migratory waterfowl (ducks or geese) can be shot with lead loads. We recommend a shot size of BB or larger for Sandhill hunting. The birds will be in a good range, but Sandhills are large birds and require a large shot size to ensure success. A morning hunt for Sandhill Cranes lasts from sunrise till noon.


Easily becoming one of our most popular hunts, the Sandhill Crane is not only exciting to hunt, but is very tasty. Sandhill Cranes are notably referred to as the "ribeye in the sky". Try it today in combination with a 3 day package that could include duck or goose hunting.

Texas Morning Guided Hunt - $200 per person

Oklahoma 3 Day Morning Hunt - $675 per person (no lodging); minimum of 4 hunters

Oklahoma Morning Guided Hunt - $225 per person; minimum of 4 hunters

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